5 Poesie sul gioco del calcio
2022 - 56 x 76 cm each artwork
mixed media on cotton paper

This series started off as a heartfelt tribute to a game that filled my childhood days (and nights) with adventure, dreams and passion.
Football, as every sport when pursued with noble spirit, taught me the meaning of discipline, sacrifice, relationships and life in general. In its pure form, sport is a parallel of life. It trains you to live, love and listen to your body and people around you.
The meaning of victory values as much as acknowledging your opponent’s worth and honouring his great efforts. This gives you the key to understand victory and gauge it properly. As all the most powerful medicines, sport carries you away and put all your worries behind, even for just a moment.
In ancient times it had the sacred power to stop all warfare, only to be replaced by peace, dialogue and reconciliation.
As I went on producing this series some powerful words sprung back to my mind. They were the words of the great Italian poet Umberto Saba. Even though he was not a keen football supporter, he wrote 5 beautiful poems about this popular game. I named this series, and every painting, after his collection, thus tributing both him and football as they definitely deserve.

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