Carmine Bellucci is an Italian artist and illustrator working and living in Padua, Italy.
He attended the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) in Milan and graduated in Visual Arts. Afterwards he continued his studies attending the advanced course in Type Design at Politecnico in Milan. He has worked with many international client. Besides his training and work he has been involved in the underground visual culture and kept up to date with the latest trends in urban subculture. He founded the Interplay Art group, landing several commissioned works and taking part in many local and national street art events.
Carmine has always had a keen interest and passion for arts and any visual expression of all those invisible movements we call feelings and emotions, in all their complex yet fascinating dynamics. He paints whimsical and quirky worlds where everything can happen, shapes, colors, rainbows and a touch of nostalgic magic make his output unique, authentic and mesmerizing. In the digital world of perfection he believes that the brush scuffing the rough surface of wood and the uneven painted texture still give off a beguiling vibe of reality, humanity and powerful visual language.
He is member of the AI (Associazione Illustratori).
Carmine is represented by The Illustration Room and Art Associates.
Clients :

Triennale Milano, Regione Emilia Romagna, Regione Liguria, Regione Lombardia, Regione Piemonte, Provincia di Como, Italian Red Cross, Clac Cantù Museum, Vintage 55, Viveur, Sometimes, Boh!? Pub, Oliver, La Lente, DDB Sydney, Inside Mining, OuThere Australia, Voyeur Magazine, Virgin Airlines Australia, Men's Health, Maxim Italy, FB Dubai, Leo Burnett and Bundaberg Rum, HQ Asia, The Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ), Fuse wines, 5 O' Clock Somewhere Wines, Das Megaphon. PlanSponsor, Musei Civici Eremitani Padova, Sonnentor/Freude Magazine, Subsonic Music Festival, S.Bortolo Hospital of Vicenza, Samuel's Gorge winery, JWT Dubai, Boecker, Sal. Oppenheim bank, Cahoot Design Boston, Harvard University, SZ Familie, Luca Ferraris, Roberto De Nittis, The Royal Botanic Garden - Sydney, The Sydney Morning Herald, Encore MSO.
Solo Exhibitions
2021 - "I'm imperfect therefore I am" - Palazzo da Schio @ Edoardo Mattia Maggiolo - Vicenza
2016 - "Secondary worlds" - Spazio D / De Munari Gallery - Vicenza
2020 - “Sur-Reality” - Solo Show - a cura di Elisabetta Bacchin - Imagina Gallery - Venice
             Roberto De Nittis's Dada Project - paintings exhibition - Centro Candiani - Mestre (Ve)

Group exhibitions
2023 -
Piccola collettiva di arte sacra - Museo Diocesano - Gubbio (Pg)
            Giovani Talenti - Galleria La Pigna - Rome
2022 - SOS Terra - Villa Barbaran Da Porto - Montorso Vicentino (Vi)
2021 - Soyons Fous! - Metamorfosi Gallery / La Rue des Arts - Tulle (France)
2020 - The color of emotions - Galleria d'arte Mega Art - Florence
            50 anni dalla luna - Artù Gallery - Vicenza
2019 - Visions of Milan / Visioni di Milano - Libreria Bocca - Galleria Vittorio Emanuele - Milan
             Nerothema - Nerothema - Chiesa di Santa Maria Nuova - Gubbio (Pg)
             Brucken - Metamorfosi Gallery - Schorndorf (Germany)
             "Plants with Bite" - The Royal Botanic Garden - Sydney
             Artstudio 38 Gallery - Milan
            Consulate General of Brazil II Edition - Milan
2018 - Consulate General of Brazil I edition - Milan
             "Tra sogni e realtà / Entre sonhos e realidade" - Monastero di San Bernardino - Caravaggio (Bg)
             "Introspectivos da alma" (group exhibition) - Museu Murillo La Greca - Recife (Brazil)
             "War quello che rimane" (group exhibition) - Spazio Hands  (part of Poetry Vicenza 2018 Festival) - Vicenza
2017 - Viavai Exhibition - Crescentino Station - Crescentino (Vc)
             "Percorsi introspettivi dell'anima" (group exhibition) - Il Campanile Gallery - Caravaggio (Bg)
             "Veritas" - Villa Monza - Dueville (Vi)
2016 - D-Segni Urbani (group exhibition) - Castello di Masnago - Varese
2015 - "No Urban" (group exhibition) - Vision Gallery - Milan
            "Namaste for Nepal" art auction - Object Gallery - Sydney
2014 - "Open Box - Foldable Art " (group exhibition) - Killer Kiccen - Milan
2013 - "Apparel Music Art Contest " (group exhibition) - Spazio XL Combines - Milan
            "Darth Human Fener" (group exhibition)  - Spazio XL Combines - Milano
            "Loversimo" (group exhibition) - Spazio Bugatti - Milan
2012 - "We are the future" (group exhibition) - "Fruttiere " Palazzo Te - Mantova
            "Le metamorfosi del viaggiatore" (group exhibition) - Gruppo Credito Valtellinese Gallery - Milano
            "Muti Arcani" (group exhibition) - Pow Gallery - Turin
            "Muti Arcani" (group exhibition) - Spazio XL Combines - Milan
            "Apparel Music Limited Contest" (group exhibition) - Spazio Ral - Milan
            "Nothing to do with it" (group exhibition) - San Sebastiano palace - Mantova
2011 - "500 Contemporary Art Meeting" (group exhibition) - Spazi Possibili - Milan
2007 - "Percorri la modernità" - Triennale - Milan
2006 - Croce Rossa Italiana Competion 1st place (group exhibition) - Foggia
2005 - Metastyle art group + Marco Gifuni (group exhibition) - Sala Grigia - Foggia
2004 - Interplay group show (group exhibition) - La Cattedrale - Cusano Milanino

Wall painting / Public works
2021 - Wall Painting - La Porta del Drago mural  - Padua
2016 - Wall Painting - Shaheed Minar - Bengali Community Project - Cadoneghe (PD)
             Live Painting Musei Civici Eremitani - Padua
2015 - "Urban Canvas" live painting - Varese

Recognitions & Press
2021 - Front Cover of Luerzer’s Archive 2021 with his Matryoshka with JWT Dubai
2020 - Featured on Agenda degli Artisti - a cura di G.Lodetti (Libreria Bocca) e Simona Heart
             Featured on Art Now - May/June Issue
             Featured on Tota Pulchra News - The new Renaissance
             Featured on 3x3 Illustration Directory 2020
2019 - Featured on 3x3 Illustration Directory 2019
             Featured on Capsules Book - Drawn Volume 3 - Leaders in contemporary illustration
             Artwork selected to be displayed at IMM Cologne 2019
2018 - "Rue Cremieux" artwork displayed at the General Consulate of Brazil in Milan
             Artwork selected to be displayed at Salvioni Milano Durini for Salone del Mobile 2018
             Featured on 3x3 Illustration Directory 2018
2017 - Winner of 4 Loeries - Print/outdoor & Out Of Home Crafts / Home Crafts / Illustration Campaign Craft
             Certificate for his Matryoshka with JWT Dubai
             New York Festivals winner 2017  - Silver for Print traditional & Digital: Craft for his Matryoshka with JWT Dubai
             Dubai Lynx winner 2017 - Bronze for Print & Publishing - Silver for Print & Outdoor Craft for his Matryoshka with
              JWT Dubai
              Print AD of the week on Lürzer's Archive with the Matryoshka Project for Boecker
             Winner of 2 Finalist Awards at the Australian Graphic Design Association Awards - Packaging and Design Craft
             Featured on 3x3 Illustration Directory 2017
2016 - Featured on Lürzer's Archive - 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide
             Featured on Picame Magazine
             Featured on 3x3 Illustration Shows No.13
             Featured on Behance Curated Galleries - Illustration
2015 - Sugarprize - Artwork awarded to Licia Troisi for best fantasy writer at the Sugarpulp annual event
             Featured on Meiaseis
             Featured on Magic Paintbrush by Illustration - Hightone Books
             Featured on Inky Goodness - Artist of the day
             Featured on Gorgo magazine - Urban Canvas
2014 - Featured and Interviewed on Novum magazine
             Featured on Illustration Served
             Featured on Abduzeedo
2013 - Featured on Australian Creative
             Top 30 Finalist Cake Wines Archi-Bottle Prize
             Featured on Illustration Served
             Featured on Sweet Station
2010 - Featured on Spaghetti grafica - "Percorri la modernità" project

"What Carmine Bellucci proposes is a tale, a hypothesis, a possibility. Through his work Bellucci offers us prompts for a parallel, unconventional existence, pushing us towards childhood memories, freedom and, maybe, the desire to live in another dimension, lighter thanks to the lighter force of gravity. There are no answers or lessons in his paintings. Instead there is intuition which comes from the artist’s own sensitivity. Bellucci’s narration is fluid, a fluidity that is apparent in his brushstrokes and in the flow of images, made perfect by the integrity of colour. His style is sure and easily recognisable, his characters emerge from films, literature and art in general, becoming the ironic protagonists of a “Belluccian” life. The men bring to mind Renato Carosone and Fred Buscaglione, messengers of an innate euphoria and elegance. The women are works of art within the work of art, dominated by grace and stateliness, not created by the artist with the strong physicality that the men have, but rather with the architectural power of pattern, that constructs forms without body weight. An ancient image, such as Byzantine art, is therefore united with the contemporary expressions of video art and illustration. Carmine Bellucci loves mixing experiences, so we can read the interlacing of fashion with the highest themes in the history of art and “pop” segments. His paintings are also musical, both for the presence of instruments but also in the rhythm that the artist gives to the composition. The repetition of themes and the use of curves and colours, at times psychedelic, spell out the composition time. Flowers are the co-protagonists of his work: coloured and aromatic forests that sinuously take possession of the narrative space and become heads of hair, clothes, a pure subject of Arcimboldian memory. Bellucci’s world seems fantastic, but he remembers that it is always possible to find that childish and pure happiness, made of lightness, beauty and play. There are no time limits, the Universe is our “finis terrae”, the stars are on our side. Bellucci moves skilfully in this mythical dimension, his art invites us to enter this quirky yet festive world."

Francesca De Munari - art critic and art historian
"I'm Imperfect, therefore I am"
A leitmotif of my output is the fascination for Imperfection, that I summarize with the phrase "I'm Imperfect, therefore I am". It's only by embracing imperfection, our imperfection, that we can start to understand ourselves and our neighbour. My paintings, with their imperfect harmony are traces of a human hand, into a human soul. In the computer age, made of mechanical calculations, I look back to craftsmanship to discover our essence, our idea. Hand-made pictures, out from an imperfect and unique hand, into the perfection of scanners and computers, smarthphones and ebooks, can create a beautiful and modern artistic alchemy. An imperfect person doesn't necessarily make a world imperfect, on the contrary, parading our flaws is questioning, is challenging our society by exploring the boundaries, is accepting the possibility of an another path, is the possibility of making mistakes and giving a second chance...and maybe, maybe making this world better, not perfect.
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