Leo Burnett Sydney asked me to collaborate on their new campaign for the 125th anniversary of the prestigious Bundaberg Rum. They wanted to create a porcelain sculpture based on my visualization of the image they sketched. It was a tough challenge, since they needed to create a "renaissance" sculpture with historical references to the Bundaberg Rum but, at the same time, something "fresh", funny and humorous.
There was an incredible amount of details involved, sugar canes, Bundaberg landscape, old wooden barrels of rum with angel-wings, the original distillery house, the polar bear, the bearded miller, the quirky musicians, the crocodile, the snake, the typography...all to fit in one majestic image. I created two versions of the campaign: a landscape version and a portrait version that needed to be suitable for all the different portrait sizes they wanted to use. The process was intense and exciting and in the end the result is absolutely stunning and rewarding.
Thanks to all those involved in this fantastic, "international" project, Katie, Leo Burnett Sydney,
Vince Lagana & Grant McAloon (Creative Director), Jeremy de Villiers (Executive Producer), Adrian Jung (Senior Producer) and the guys over at Illusion Co., Post and Surachai for making this happen.
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