I was invited to paint at Campidarte Festival, an annual event held in Sardinia with art, performance art, music, and absolutely yummy Sardinian food (this year they host also a little hand-made market). 4 Artists were selected to paint each the façade of a building with a specific letter from the word "ARTE" (art). Thus all painted façades form together the word "ARTE" (art), that can be read at a great distance, even from the road. My letter was the R with 4 storks-moors (read something about the flag of Sardinia) carrying buckets of paint. Notoriously known as bringers of life, the storks here bring life in the form of paint and colors.
I had an absolutely great time in Sardinia, I got to meet wonderful and sunny people. I want to especially thank the guys over at Campidarte who were extraordinarily welcoming and warm, with whom we shared many funny moments. Thanks to my travel mate Sem, aka "pass it over to me", a great artist and truly Sardinia lover....
Of course very special thanks go to Clèr, who supported, in every way, another adventure and shot some awesome snaps.
Royal thanks to Sardinia and those great fields I had the pleasure to see and breathe, always inspiring and so "familiar". I'll come back. I promise. (hopefully with an healthy arm).
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