"Catch the moment"
...This is a good story to tell...one of my favourites...it is so beautiful to be stroke by chance and let it inspire you. I was invited to paint this wall and I had studied and prepared what I was going to paint, my subject...as usual. So the day I arrived, I brought along my preparatory artwork to find that something else was going to happen...simply chance and accident whispered me something, something else...something different from what I expected and I had studied for. As I saw the facade, staring the empty wall before me and its beautiful tree, something whispered me what to do...something wanted to be part of the magic and not be excluded. That's the greatness of street art...public art...the art from the streets that speaks to the people and embrace what surrounds the space. Something that allows chance to be considered and become part of your plans, that tickles you and inspires you...something that has the taste of life. We can't pretend to be always prepared for everything, of course we can work to improve, to grow and build our personality and temper...only to find that things out there "zag" when we thought they would have "zigged"...and when you learn to be able to embrace it you feel in harmony with the whole...
well...as you may expect, the story ends up with me changing my subject completely, something that couldn't have fitted better than what the space whispered me to do. I decided to let the tree before the building be part of the painting and the building, which it was so fond of. On the tree grows a rose to which someone is reaching out. This tree is giving us nature's fruit and speaks to us, because it's part of our environment.
I'm happy with how this wall painting, let me say "surprising", turned out to be: three-dimensional...or tree-dimensional...fitting in this space and its harmony...something that goes beyond the wall, that is alive and reaches out to us.
Needless to say that it was one of the first days of the spring and everything was in bloom...even that shy little bird singing on the branch...
thanks to all those who greeted me with such kind and rewarding words and to Clèr, who opens up my eyes.
Thanks to Monte and Proprietà Pirata for the opportunity.
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