I was very excited when Boston based studio Cahoots Design asked me to collaborate on their multi-element promotional campaign for the upcoming Christmas Revels.
The Christmas Revels is a show production presented annually at Harvard University’s Sanders Theatre.  Each year, the performances celebrate a unique cultural tradition; in recent years, they have centered on Ireland, Galicia, Acadia and Wales.
This year, the event was set in the Venetian Renaissance, what a fantastic opportunity to call an Italian based illustrator, carrying in his output all the vibrancy and unique taste of Italian glorious craftsmanship!
"Working with Anya and Carol at Cahoots, I wanted to create a sparkling and festive atmosphere, an artwork where all the magic and beguiling attractions of Venice could merge in a harmonious celebration. The water sustains the whole composition as the Doge welcomes us to enter the most beautiful city in the world. There is history, masks, luxury, elegance, and culture, but, most of all, there is togetherness, as everything and everyone celebrates life and parades along the bridges and calli of Venice, filling the air with laughter and carols!"

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