This one is really close to me. This is about the perfect imperfection that makes us human. Nowadays we have to be normal…our education, our culture, our aesthetics, our habits seem to take us to the path of alienation. You can't be different, you have to fit in the box, the box someone else created for you, someone who is now telling you who you are, or rather, who you should be. The person you should be in order to be part of the empty army, one for all and all for one. Why? How can I complete you or make this world better if I am the same person as you, dressed in the same way…so that no one could ever see any difference? That's the point: being different is being incomplete and being incomplete is being unique. Without vulnerability there would'n be research and risk, there wouldn't be accident and discovering, maybe there wouldn't be life, I may say there would be "still life". But we are not anything like that whatsoever, we are who we are, with our dreams and our fears, our prayers and our sins…the importance of embracing the possibility of mistake and error is being open to another path, to another person, different from you and therefore as human as you…perfectly human.
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