Still my dear concept of the mask...different beauties pose without their mask, in this coming off the masks there is my ceaseless research on playing with reality and appearance. What we really need is not another fake, featureless and perfect mask, but the real beauty, the canon that remains the same throughout the ages is what we are taught to conceal...our imperfection, our flaws make us different and unique...define our authentic being. There aren't flawless and flat colors, there are nuances, scratches, mistakes and corrections...fragility...the interesting path is not the beaten one, but the risky one, maybe the winding one, maybe the one that get you lost...this is evolution, pushing the boundaries, this is the fact that validates the norm, that makes the concept of perfection possible. So why not parade our imperfections and wear our scars proudly, we all have ones...and in the end we all know that the man before us is wearing a shield to conceal what is human, to deny his identity and pretend to be authentic in his lazy costume. Our perfection could be accepting our imperfection and being different from one another, that is what makes things interesting, worthy to be discovered, this stimulates curiosity and, most of all, gives us our own dignity and beauty.
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