No' si volta chi a stella è fisso ("He who is fixed to a star, does not change is mind")
Triptych (Past - Present - Future)
Acrylic on canvas

I chose a notorious Leonardo's aphorism (written on the city's beautiful Planetarium hall) to celebrate Milan and its "new Renaissance".
I wanted to convey a connection between science and technology that makes Milan one of today's coolest city and the epicenter of world's progress.
2015 World Expo gave Milan a new boost, a sort of Renaissance, and shone a light on the city creating the most vibrating scene in terms of fashion, architecture, street culture, lifestyle and design.
That's why I looked at the golden age, Renaissance, in which the genius of Leonardo (who celebrates this year his 500th anniversary) unfolded his brilliant art and inventions.
One of the most peculiar aspects of this new flourishing period (and modern progress) is the ability of being ready to change and never stay still looking at the same star, our own star. The wonderful and fascinating meaning of these smart words also explain one of Leonardo's most captivating idiosyncrasies: a brilliant and an eclectic mind, a stubborn and curious approach. Thus always willing to look around, ready to look and see.

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