The power of street art (or whatever you want to call it) is that it's among us. It speaks to people and it can change moments of our existence. AleSenso and I were invited to take part in Urban Canvas project and we were so glad to meet again and, most of all, to paint together. We decided to depict something meaningful, something that stopped people and made them see. A king is handing out his precious crown to a Joker-Jester, he comes out of his "own world" and does something to start a change. He remains a king even without his crown, he doesn't need it to be...kingly...but his deed, just deed, could change someone else's life, could make the game right, could start a new way of playing. It's about taking destiny into our own hands, doing something to change the rules, it's about caring for each other...after all it is about communicating.
We just wanted to make people stop and look...we don't mind what they see, we leave to them the power of imagination...even if just for a moment in our (often) grey life...
Thanks to Ileana and the whole Urban Canvas crew,
Thanks to SeaCreative for the pics and the support
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