Illustration about criticism over world leaders meeting and discussing our major global challenges. Year after year the world is affected by crises and new pressing problems that our governments try to solve. Among many people there's a growing disbelief that any conference, a thousand of miles away, will solve anything.  Do we need another summit with the world’s “elite” debating issues that concerns not present countries? Are these meetings really supposed to solve world's concerns, or theirs? Do they really  account for the interests of developing countries? High costs, various disapponitments, failures and vague promises raised many doubts on their real role and credibility.
Many times world's heads of governments said their farewells without reaching any agreement, due to clashing views (and interests) on critical issues, Which remain urgent and, year after year, more and more difficult to face, if personal interests (that caused many crises) won't be set aside for a truly global interest.
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