Subsonic Music Festival asked me to design the main Illustration for their 2016 edition of the popular Australian festival.
1920’s circus posters were a great inspiration in the creation of this artwork.
I was very humbled and excited to get to work on such a special project. To work on a music poster and be able to reach out to a large audience of people made me completely stoked. When I was briefed about the project with references to 1920s vintage posters bustling with people and full of energy I knew this project was going to be very exciting…and magic.
I accepted the difficult challenge to make it vintage but modern at the same time, packing in so much information int such a small space. So just started to play…and paint…depicting the four festival stages, the powerful and healing Barrington Tops river inspiring the whole festival, the greenery, and all the characters who make the whole show, lively, energetic, whimsical and magic. You can get lost in all the little details and spot every time a new surprise, that was what we wanted to create for this special poster…something the sweeps you away into a dreamland, a wonderful place where you can escape and be free, sharing good time with people and nature.
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